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Risk of filter clogging peugeot 207

Vs: 508 - Nykiminen ja "Risk Of Particle Filter Clogging" (HDi) Itse vaihdatin merkkihuollossa viime helmikuussa koko hiukkassuodattimen (n.160tkm kohdalla nyt ajettu noin 177tkm) ja nesteet yms. Nyt pakkasien aikana on herjannut noin viikon.

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Pug 207 1.6 HDI risk of filter clogging what does that mean?.

Dec 01, 2020 · A clogged fuel filter prevents the correct amount of fuel from reaching the engine. Trying to compensate for low fuel pressure, fuel pump pressure increases causing the pump to overheat, become noisy and fail prematurely. A saturated fuel filter that lets dirt and grit bypass the filter can clog fuel injectors, causing them to not fully open or ....

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